Gulati goes comedy

Gulati goes comedy

Behind its latest web offering, Faadu, Pavail Gulati Have trained my focus for my upcoming projects. There are two in the pipeline, he tells us. “One wrapped, and one rolls out next month. They both present new sets of challenges. I’m doing something that’s different from what I’ve done before.” “I tried my hand at comedy in Alvida, and had a lot of fun. I didn’t know if I could pull it off, but I did. Even though comedies are rarely written nowadays, I am waiting for a good script .

After a long struggle of 15 years in the industry, Gulati is at a point in his career where he sits amidst a wide variety of scripts, and is free to choose. With films like Again, Alvida and SonyLiv series Faadu being the latest additions to her resume this year, she feels the tide is turning in her favour. “When people like your work, you feel compelled to deliver better results. I keep my head down because people have been kind to me. It took me so long to become an actor and do the work I do , which I am finally doing,” says Gulati, who works as an ambitious boy from a low economic-level. Ashwini Iyer TiwariKe Faadu earned him accolades.

“I thought it would be difficult for me to pull off the role, but Ashwini ma’am convinced me. My parents are happy and that’s what matters most to me. He really liked it. My mother likes to tell me what people write about my performance.

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