Gireesh Sahdev on playing a ruthless personality in `Kathaa Ankahee`

Gireesh Sahdev on playing a ruthless personality in `Kathaa Ankahee`

Girish Sahdev Talked about the grey-shaded character and ruthless personality of Kailash Garewal in the show `Katha Aankhen`. Kailash is such a person, whose heart never melts even after seeing tears of others.

Narrative in the show (Aditi Dev Sharma) is doing everything for the treatment of her son. She is working day and night to raise one crore rupees and is also seeking help from others to get the money so that her son can be treated. For the same purpose, she visits her father-in-law Kailash Garewal, played by Girish, but he is so rude that he asks her to go and die with his son.

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He shared: “My character Kailash is a strong minded person whose money and respect is his pride. He is a very cold person who puts his ego first rather than any emotion. Even when the narrative Kailash If she pleads in front of the Instead, he asks her to die with her son.”

The ‘Best of Luck Nikki’ actor shared about being a part of the show and what he liked the most about it.

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“The concept of the show is very interesting, especially the journey of a mother to save her child is amazing; it inspires you and fills your heart with so many emotions. I am sure I will get to explore a new aspect of it Will get a chance to explore my craft through the show,” he said.



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