Ensure entrances, exits are accessible, free of clutter

Ensure entrances, exits are accessible, free of clutter

A group of shopkeepers in Kandivali have accused a builder of blocking the entrance of their shopping arcade. They allege, a report in this letter states that the builder has sold a shop which has come near the entrance.

There are many claims and counterclaims flying through the piece. However the macro picture is of a gateway being inaccessible and the dangers that arise from this.

All we have to do is keep the entry and exit free in all residential and commercial establishments. These are our emergency routes and blocking them for any reason is inexcusable.

There have been many incidents of precious time wasted due to burning buildings and fire engines struggling to reach the infrastructure. In congested Mumbai, where there are many blockages in the streets and alleys, it is difficult for firefighters to reach where they are needed. With such challenges, we certainly cannot and should not allow for more difficulties when it comes to accessibility.

While a fire may be the most pressing situation, all evacuation routes, entrances and exits are required by law to remain open or free. Sometimes there can be other emergencies as well and that is when routes are a huge factor.

Closing one entrance means crowds elsewhere. In dire situations, crowds mean frantic people and panic that can lead to mayhem.

We have examples of what happens when exits are closed or options run short. Even in residential buildings, this editing space has emphasized the need to keep the passage between flats as clear as possible and to keep the stairs free in preparation for all events.

Let us see that this particular case is resolved rather than passing a sort of scenario, and then look at the knowledge in entry and exit serving the purpose for which they are.



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