Don’t be fooled by claims of a ‘mild’ variant

Don’t be fooled by claims of a ‘mild’ variant

Many asymptomatic patients or those who have relatively less difficulty with delta than us, may take people with a false sense of complacency that the omicron is mild. Then they may let their guard down, but we must keep in mind another aspect which will prove wise in words that there is no reason to take anything just yet.

Experts and doctors are warning against long covid. Even though the symptoms may be mild in the beginning and one can recover quickly, there is a possibility of suffering from covid for a long time up to a year. A top doctor warned his young, healthy colleagues, who had previously contracted Covid, weren’t feeling like their first until a year later.

Physical fatigue continued to haunt them and mentally, some experienced prolonged brain fog. Others will remember how the second wave brought cases of mucormycosis. Some doctors have warned that even after so many cases now, we may get to see some long Kovid-19.

While this may sound terrifying right now, the unpredictability of this disease simply means that we do not ignore anything, do not ignore Covid for long, if the public has forgotten with its notoriously short memory. As the wise always say, ‘Hope for the good and prepare for the bad.’

We too do our part to the best we can and try to prevent the worst case scenario by taking all precautions, including, of course, vaccinations. Wear a mask, take a job, avoid meeting in groups and isolate if you have any symptoms. These are certainly some of the ways in which we should play our part. Long covid has changed life forever and not for good. Fortunately, not everyone has a long-term COVID, but it’s a good reason to reconsider the no-to-follow-protocol madness that has overtaken some.



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