Donate blood, platelets but not at cost to your own life

Donate blood, platelets but not at cost to your own life

This paper presents a report bringing happiness to our lives in which a city platelet donor has been honored by a historic medical center for donating platelets 300 times for cancer patients.

The report emphasized the importance of motivating potential donors to both award winners and doctors, raising awareness of platelet donation, which is relatively unknown and the importance of this precious resource.

There was a warning note by a medical expert that needs to be uncovered. To set the record, some donors put caution to the wind by flouting guidelines on how many times one can donate, the expert said. This refers specifically to platelets but can also refer to blood donation. There is a maximum limit of donation in one year. Some people hide the fact that they didn’t allow the expected time to elapse between their last donation and the current donation, in order to get the maximum donation and then make some kind of record. First, we need to acknowledge the donors, their selflessness and commitment to a cause. However, it is non-negotiable that first of all safety guidelines are followed when donating, even at times.

The purpose of charity should not be to create records and milestones, however, it can be a happy outcome for those who stick to the rules. The potential donor must be aware and comply with regulations, be transparent and truthful with all health information when ready to donate.

Individuals need to understand that there are rules such as a specific time interval between donations to concrete causes. A top police officer once claimed about bike riders without helmets: The rules are ours, but the chief is yours. In the same way medical experts can say in the context of charity: the rules are ours, but the body is yours.



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