Dolly Singh: Melbourne is a city that has captured my soul twice

Dolly Singh: Melbourne is a city that has captured my soul twice

Digital Producer & Actor Dolly SinghRecently visited Australia with Manu where the couple made memories of a lifetime. She tells us what should be on the to-do list if you’re planning a trip under `Journey with the stars.`

Where you want to go?

Australia! This was my second time in Australia and one thing I have always loved there is the fresh produce. The quality of the food is something else! Plus, after finishing all seasons of MasterChef Australia this year, it was an even bigger treat to be back again. We visited Melbourne and Sydney. Melbourne, in particular, is a city that has captured my soul twice. I love the tram system and it’s free for all in the central part, so it’s so easy to navigate the main parts of the city.

What’s on the itinerary?

Even though we only had half a day to experience Sydney, it was incredible and honestly made us realize how much more we want to explore this place. Manu had a wonderful time kayaking with Sarah Todd while Amy and I took a scenic walk along the river. When we arrived at the Sydney Opera House, there was an orchestra playing right outside on the stairs and standing there listening to them was one of those ‘outside the movie’ experiences! The dinner and drinks at the Opera House were also delicious and we could see why people waited for hours to get a table there. The view was amazing too!

Sunny skies welcomed us in Melbourne and we had a wonderful two days there. Of course, the highlight for us was the historic India vs Pak match. We had a really lovely meet and greet where a lot of people showed up.

Later, on our trip to Great Ocean Road, we went to Jack Rabbit’s and had an amazing wine tasting session with Lindsey Sharp, who runs the place.

The next day our visit to the Wildlife Wonders Sanctuary was definitely a great way to end this Australia trip as we saw some beautiful animals like kangaroos, koalas and wallabies just chilling in the wild. We also got to be a part of a bird rescue as we met an injured little bird on our walk and named him Fred. Hope he is doing better now.

Manu and I would definitely recommend trying the local coffee first. On the trip we drank so much coffee without any regrets because it was delicious. Dining at Three Blue Ducks, The Belle General, The Bang Bang and The Opera House. These were some of our favorite restaurants from our trip. There are a lot of activities to do in Australia, we missed some activities like sky diving and helicopter ride due to bad weather but have heard only good things about these activities. Visiting the MCG should definitely also be on the list because being an Indian, cricket literally runs in our blood and there is a lot to see and experience at the MCG so a visit is a must. And of course, find a way to meet cute Australian animals. We especially love visiting Wildlife Wonders because the animals can be in their natural habitats and enjoy your time while you watch it; Rather the opposite (where they are in cages and we are roaming freely)

what’s on the menu?

In terms of food, one of the places we really loved was Three Blue Ducks, something we definitely wanted to try. Not just the restaurant, but the whole idea behind working towards sustainability, community work and ethically sourcing everything was wonderful to witness. Bang Bang in Byron Bay was another place we loved. A shout out to their Chilli Margarita would be, as Manu put it, “the best drink I’ve ever had”. Tropical Fruit World was another very interesting place. I have never seen such a variety of fruits. I felt like a kid in a candy store except I love fruit even more so it was a treat. Their ice cream is made from fresh fruits and fruits only! Belle General Byron was our last stop and definitely one of the best. I’ve never had such a delicious breakfast. Tje Avo Mash Toast was a delight. Something that makes me think again and again! The people at Belle were wonderful too and we were given the warmest send off.  

Your fondest travel memories with friends and family…

This time the best highlight of our trip was definitely the food, the cricket match, meeting Harsha Bhogle sir and Sarah Todd in person and being in another country together and wishing and receiving so much love!

What did you pack for the trip?

Everything! Pack Everything! Australia is full of great adventures, and you never know what you’ll encounter next which is what makes it so wonderful. So, I pack everything from swimsuits to coats!

Your holiday playlist…

Almost All Old Time Classical Bollywood Songs!

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