Community-themed space a welcome move

Community-themed space a welcome move

The East Indian community, one of Mumbai’s indigenous communities, is set to get an East Indian-themed park in Juhu Koliwada. A coconut breaking ceremony was held on Monday morning at an open space in the affluent western suburbs. A detailed report in this paper details how promises were made a year ago that East Indians would be allotted a community-themed venue. Now, those promises from local political leaders seem to be coming to fruition, giving the project a head start.

MLA Amit Satam made an interesting point at the function to celebrate the ground breaking and flag off of the project. He said it is important that we make the city’s indigenous communities, such as East Indians, Agri, Kolis, and their lifestyle and culture part of the official tourism itinerary. Visitors to the city will learn about the culture of the sons of the soil, how they balance contemporary living while maintaining their age-old lifestyle, the struggle to keep it alive, and all the important sites and milestones about the community.

It’s definitely a concept worth exploring. While one has sporadic ‘walks’ and ‘learning tours’ in Gothans to learn about their lives, a glimpse or a thumbnail sketch of these people who call Mumbai their ‘village’, with government tourism organizations A more formal process can make it more streamlined, formal and organized.

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We have tours where visitors are shown the brick ‘n’ mortar historical sites, however, the community itself is part of the city’s history, and their stories need to be learned and celebrated.

A more consistent approach to include it in the tourism calendar, good guides, youth carrying forward the heritage and visiting their villages or some unique houses can definitely connect people to the community and understand their roots. More power to this concept.



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