City’s beauty and safety must go hand-in-hand

City’s beauty and safety must go hand-in-hand

A deceptively non-descript lane used as a shortcut by the locals of Worli has been given a makeover. The small alley has walls painted in a nautical and koli (fisherman) theme, better lighting to dispel dark patches and a selfie spot to make the walk ‘fun’.

This report may sound routine but it contains many important things for the city. The first, of course, is public space and good lighting. This paper displays many reports about crime in public places such as subways or street corners precisely because they are in very poor light. This edit space has repeatedly emphasized that better visibility equals safety and that officials need to pay attention not only to our main main roads but also to alleys, station exit points, places where bus stops are located, subways and short streets. Should give.

The other is empowering pedestrians and making them feel that they are not second class citizens, our streets are too crowded.

They have the right to safe, well lit, clean and maintained roads and places and thus we prove to them that the priority is pedestrians.

Anyway, we see footpaths are encroached upon and pedestrians walk dangerously on the roads as cars accelerate. Here’s a little something to tell them that they count too, and that the authorities recognize, accept and care.

It is also wise to involve local people in projects that should be inspired by a sense of community and participation.

The fact that the wall art was done by talented, local artists means that everyone is a stakeholder, and it is in everyone’s best interest to see that these initiatives, once finished, are maintained and protected. is done. These are the avenues that can put us in good stead in most of the city’s infrastructure projects.



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