Cinema to me has various meanings and interpretations, says Shubhaavi Choksey

Cinema to me has various meanings and interpretations, says Shubhaavi Choksey

For someone like actress Shubhavi Choksi, growing up was about cinema and vice versa. Being a part of the showbiz fraternity for the past two decades, the word ‘cinema’ holds a very special place in his life. Last month, his show ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’ completed one year.

Mid-Day Online met him for an exclusive interview on the occasion of ‘National Cinema Day 2022’.

The word ‘cinema’ itself is vast. What is your interpretation of the same?
For me, cinema has different meanings and interpretations. Sometimes, it gives me information about a certain status or clan of people. Sometimes, it helps me gain a different perspective on life and the people around me. It also opens windows about dreams that turn into reality. Cinema can have a great impact on the human mind, because we are always changing. Sometimes, it answers our questions that we are going through in real life! (smiling) Don’t forget to mention that world cinema also introduces us to different cultures and art forms.

Considering today’s situation, do you feel that cinema is losing its artistic touch and the magic woven by the legendary filmmakers of the past?
In my opinion, cinema has not lost its artistic touch at all. At that time, there were only a few filmmakers who made films like that of greatSatyajit RayI used to do There are such filmmakers even today, but only a few of them. There will always be filmmakers who will create that magic and there will always be an audience for it. May be the number may change from time to time. I really believe that if a director wants to make something, he will definitely do it. We also have to remember the fact that, as an audience, we have a huge appetite for different types of cinema in recent times and also have an expectation which is greater in every way. As an aside, you could say that some people have become critical of the movies they watch. On the other hand, I think it is mainly due to the emergence of new ideas and concepts. Again, as I said earlier, it’s because of the person’s point of view. And, that’s what really matters in this aspect.

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Is there any event that stirred the artist in you and helped develop the artistic appetite within you?
There are many actors and actresses that I have grown up watching. Thanks to my mom, I’ve seen legends act likeSean Conneryand Gene Hackman. Back home, I loved Madhu Balaji and Nargis ji because of my father. Personally, I grew up watchingMadhurijiMe, Kajol andShahrukh Khan.Not only because of their work, but also because of their manner of conduct. I cannot pinpoint a particular actor or actress or even an event that developed the artist in me. I think it’s a way for me to express my versatile self on camera in the best possible way that made me an actor. (smile)

What role does cinema play in your life?
It has been, is and will be an integral part of my existence. Cinema has played a very important role in many aspects of my life. My way of expressing my love, my idea of ​​friendship, my soul quest… It’s literally everything to do with cinema. Bollywood and Hollywood have been a huge influence in my life. As I mentioned earlier, unfortunately a small percentage of people have become overly critical and negative. It pertains not only to the showbiz fraternity, but to the audience as well. Unfortunately, his high expectations have captured the beauty of actually enjoying cinema. To add to this, the influence of another person also tends to overshadow their own opinion. Even if someone likes a movie, many don’t, they don’t voice it! I just want to request people to be such people who go to watch cinema as a means of entertainment and not just for the purpose of investigating it.

Do you think the commercialization of films has taken cinema to an art form?
In my opinion, if you don’t think about commercialization… how will you be able to make a movie! Be it a small budget or a big creation, one needs to invest money to get the money in return… We are in the year 2022, an era where the imagination in the form of material is a riot. There is a huge swarm everywhere, some discovered and some waiting to be discovered. Having said that, any art form that has essence, that strikes a chord in your heart and shines a light in your mind, will always be deserved and can never be forgotten. You can mark my words.

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