China’s Covid restrictions may result in hard exit strategy

China’s Covid restrictions may result in hard exit strategy

The broad “zero-tolerance” strategy that China has used to keep the number of Covid-19 cases down and its economy functioning could, ironically, make it harder for the country to come out of the pandemic. Experts say that the coronavirus is not going away around the world and they believe that it may eventually become like the flu.

In countries such as the UK and the US, which have relatively mild sanctions against the Omicron wave, there is a ray of hope that the process may be underway. The government’s practice during the pandemic of finding and isolating every infected person has largely saved hospitals from being overwhelmed and deaths in much of the world. But the adamant approach also means that most people in China have never been exposed to the virus.

“China’s outbreak is more likely because most people have not been exposed to the virus because of the stringent measures, thus lacking hybrid immunity, which is going to prove better protection than vaccination alone,” Dr said. Vinita Bal, an immunologist at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research.

First molecular structure of Omicron protein created by Indian-origin scientist

An Indian-origin researcher at the University of British Columbia (UBC) has produced the world’s first molecular-level structural analysis of an omicron-type spike protein. Published in the journal Science, the analysis, which is performed at near atomic resolution using cryo-electron microscopy, reveals how the heavily mutated Omicron variant attaches to and infects human cells.

“Understanding the molecular structure of the viral spike protein is important because it will allow us to develop more effective treatments against Omicron and related variants in the future,” said Dr Sriram Subramaniam, a professor in UBC’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular. the biology. “By analyzing the mechanisms by which the virus infects human cells, we can develop better treatments that disrupt that process and neutralize the virus,” Subramaniam said. The spike protein, which is located on the outside of a coronavirus, enables SARS-CoV-2 to enter human cells.

Total number of cases worldwide as of Saturday

total number of deaths worldwide

Worldwide patients cured till Saturday

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