Charu Asopa reveals Sushmita Sen`s marriage advise to her

Charu Asopa reveals Sushmita Sen`s marriage advise to her

television actress Charu Asopa Has shared a piece of advice to her ex-sister-in-law and actress sushmita sen For her married life with Rajeev Sen. In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Charu said that ever since she and Rajeev separated, her relationship with her friends and family has deteriorated. He said that he does not even trust his mother as she did not defend her. Charu shared that Sushmita has always been her pillar of strength, asking Charu to prioritize her happiness and never ‘make it work’. Talking about Sushmita, Charu said: “No she never said that. She never asked us to make it work.

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He has always told me to prioritize my happiness from day one. Parents have said that marriage should work and we should try to resolve differences. But never sister. She always used to say if you are not happy. Do what makes you happy.” “I haven’t bothered him about it, or asked him to talk something sensible to anyone. But yes, she is family, so she knows when things go bad.”

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She continued: “I don’t even like to bother my in-laws, they are elderly, and my mother-in-law is unwell. But whenever it comes to Didi’s phone calls, she has always told me that on my own. Pay attention. He has said that if I am happy with Rajiv, then this is what I should do, but if I am more than him, then I should part ways.”



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