Caution, scepticism are potent weapons

Caution, scepticism are potent weapons

According to a detailed report in this newspaper, the Versova police were recently alerted about two con artists. The duo allegedly posed as casting directors and duped an aspiring model and actress of Rs 8.48 lakh on the pretext of offering her the lead role in a ‘superstar actor’ film.

The conspiracy was hatched last year and the victim, who has appeared in serials, was told by the accused that casting for a film was going on and they were from a talent provider platform. The actress was also told that the superstar was looking for actors to play the roles of a male and female police officer, who would be parallel leads.
One of the scammers later calls up the victim and asks her to send photos and videos to audition and then “confirm” her.

The thugs cheated the actress on various pretexts. What stood out was how hard they tried to make it look believable, which included sharing with him fake documents and ‘approval letters’ from different countries for visas.

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It was only after a representative for Star called the victim – after seeing posts on social media claiming she was in the film – and told her she was not in the film that she realized she had been duped.

Thugs are a dime a dozen. It is imperative that persons approached by talent scouts verify their authenticity and verify their claims by contacting the office of the concerned film producer or show runner, after obtaining their number, which is can be obtained.
deeper search.

Background checks are imperative and any red flags or suspicions cannot and should not be dismissed. caution and skepticism are the most powerful weapons against



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