Bigg Boss 16: Manu Punjabi puts light on the hypocrisy of the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 16: Manu Punjabi puts light on the hypocrisy of the Bigg Boss house

It’s only been a week since Salman Khan came back with another season.Bigg Boss‘ With a bunch of exciting people. From a fight to a new blooming love, BB 16 viewers have already seen a lot. But one name has kept the audience hooked to the game so far. From the gorgeous and special entry of women’s empowerment rap, this girl is over and we are loving her. Yes, we are talking about Sumbul Tauqeer Khan here!

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The actress, who rose to fame with her show ‘Imli’, has become a favorite of the audience and her fans have made her the queen of the first week of Bigg Boss 16. Those who are watching Bigg Boss from day one can easily say that sumbuli Tauqeer Khan has all the potential to win the show. Sumbul is the youngest of them all but still has managed to impress everyone including the host of the show.

Former Bigg Boss contestant Manu Punjabi also said the same thing. Manu Punjabi while reviewing the latest episode said,Sometimes they say she is not a child, sometimes they say she is a child. Sometimes it is said that it is a compromise, sometimes it is not a compromise. Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it’s competitive, sometimes it’s what. And Sumbul, I need to tell you one more time. I know you have the potential to put the dog on the side of you all and prove that you are yourself. and you please do(Sometimes they say she is a child, sometimes they say she is not a child. Sometimes they say she is mature and sometimes not. Sometimes she is strict and Sometimes she is a competitor. But Sumbul I must say once someone has to guide you and you have the ability that you can crack everyone and you will prove who you are. So please do so. Sumbul has been chosen as the ‘Bigg Boss Queen’ of the week and has emerged as one of the most favorite contestants among the audience.

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