Beware of COVID scams, both vax and test

Beware of COVID scams, both vax and test

The Crime Branch has arrested a mobile phone dealer for allegedly making false RT-PCR test reports and COVID-19 vaccination certificates. During the raid, the police unearthed the data of hundreds of people who had gone to him to make forged reports, a story in this newspaper said.

The police sent dummy customers to the conman, who was alleged to have once accepted their requests using the same modus operandi.

This is a good move by the police because it is very important to catch these thugs. Here, of course, the danger is fooling an unknown public with false reports. This is a very easy way for the virus to spread and as a result we have to take a step back in our fight against the coronavirus and the potential dial down of the outbreak.

Through this wrath we have seen the birth of the planner or con artist who has devised his nefarious plans according to the situation.

Cybercrimes have sprung up as we live in an online world more than ever before, practically during these months in cyberspace. There are vaccine scams that anyone has read about. Warnings of the booster scam were already echoing on social media, even as the government announced boosters for frontline workers over 60.

Hence, it is no surprise that we have a fake RT-PCR test scam. It can be said with certainty that this person caught will not be merely involved in this covert act.

Controlling the COVID-19 numbers is a battle that we have to fight on multiple fronts and we all, each and every individual, are stakeholders. Those seeking such certificates are also guilty. In fact, if we have reliable and specific information, we should be reporting these scammers. These criminals are actually the hindrances and adversaries in this war.



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