Beginning of Russian invasion: US secretary of state Blinken

Beginning of Russian invasion: US secretary of state Blinken

US Secretary of State Tony Blinken on Tuesday canceled his scheduled meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov for the weekend, which he said was the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba, who jointly addressed a news conference with Blinken at the State Department’s Foggy Bottom headquarters, said the world should respond with all its economic might to punish Russia for the crimes it committed. He should give what he has already committed and is ahead of the crimes. plan to commit.

“Hit Russia’s economy now and hit it hard,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a decree recognizing the regions of Ukraine’s “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” as “independent”, raising tensions in the region and raising fears of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. He also ordered Russian troops in eastern Ukraine, which the Kremlin called “peacekeeping” missions in Moscow-backed areas.

Responding to questions, Blinken said that the renewed Russian offensive on Ukraine that has now begun clearly means the idea of ​​meeting this week with Foreign Minister Lavrov to advance diplomacy, which Now Russia has rejected, there is no point.

The two leaders were scheduled to meet in Europe on February 24.

“But having said that, anything we can do to avert a worst-case scenario, an all-out attack on the whole of Ukraine, including its capital, that will inflict terrible costs on the Ukrainian people, we will always pursue that,” the state said. The secretary said, noting that the US and its allies are open to diplomacy, but Moscow needs to demonstrate that it is serious.

Blinken alleged that Putin planned to invade Ukraine, control Ukraine and its people, destroy Ukraine’s democracy, contrary to the autocracy he leads, to treat Ukraine as a part of Russia. To retrieve as.

“That’s why it’s the biggest security threat in Europe since World War II. Ukraine is in danger.

“President Putin is openly and violently breaking the laws and principles that have kept peace throughout Europe and around the world for decades. Yesterday the UN Security Council as requested by Ukraine, the United States and many other countries Russia’s renewed attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity was condemned as a violation of international law and the United Nations Charter in an emergency session of the United Nations.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba said that today the whole world stands with Ukraine.

“Putin wants much more than a war-torn piece of Ukrainian land and the people who live there. What stops him is only our unity and resolve, and we can still stop him. Ukraine is in diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions.” The United States continues to engage with the European Union and NATO,” he said.

Kuleba called for continued pressure on Russia.

“If this includes the issuance of regular executive orders or new sanctions, we would be very happy to see that,” Kuleba said.

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