Barkha Singh talks about her fondest memory from 36 Farmhouse

Barkha Singh talks about her fondest memory from 36 Farmhouse

Barkha Singh spoke candidly on 36 Farmhouse and shared her fondest memories. She said, “There are so many beautiful memories! Once, Jaggu da (Jackie Shroff) went on the sets of 36 Farmhouse, I went to him and said “Sir I don’t know if you remember this, but we met many years ago When we presented an award at the Pogo Amazing Kids Awards and it was the first time I heard this one phrase from you. It has never left me to this day!”

He said, “We all laughed a lot about it. I think we all know this famous Jackie Shroff phrase I am talking about. Also there have been many other memorable moments. SG sir Teaches me to play. Piano to Ashwini Kalsekar ma’am making some delicious brinjal curry for me, there is nothing but fun riot on the sets.”

Recently, while talking about the decision to produce the film, Subhash Ghai said, “I myself direct a film at the huge risk of huge box office expectations. Also, I can complete the film with all my orders.” So, being a budget film at the script level, I entrusted the direction to Ram Ramesh Sharma, an alumnus of Whistling Woods, and restricted myself to being a producer and story writer, apart from just a music and song writer. Done. As a producer of the film, I must support all departments that need my help including shooting issues or editing tables in the final stages.”




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