Ayesha Jhulka: Shows such as this help us reconnect with our families

Ayesha Jhulka: Shows such as this help us reconnect with our families

Ayesha JhulkaTanuja, who made her career comeback with Chandra’s Hush Hush, will now be seen in Amazon Prime Video’s family series, Happy Family: Conditions Apply. The actress says it was the firm belief of the producer that won her over. “When I heard the script, I thought it was a family drama of a different kind. The characters resemble the kind of individuals you would find in every family,” she says, adding that the project furthers our nostalgic attitude towards our loved ones. “It is in the way we neglect our family members, and fail to understand their importance. Such shows help us reconnect with our families who give us a sense of security because of their unconditional love. The show spreads this message in a humorous way.

The series revolves around a family of four generations. They are divided by their separate and eccentric personalities, but united by their bond. “My character brings the family together. I wouldn’t say she’s stuck between two generations; She’s like that layer of cheese between the slices that balances the equation. She is the strength of the family and stays away from quarrels.”

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Recalling how Chandra brought her back to the limelight, Jhulka expressed her gratitude, saying, “I was fortunate to Tanuja convinced me. Now I am getting multiple offers and I get to choose the content that I want to be a part of. I choose parts with which I feel I can do justice. I’m learning every day. Today is a very good time for actresses. The perception of an actor has changed. New shows give us an opportunity to do different roles.”



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