Avantika Dassani: Auditioned for the role just as other actors do

Avantika Dassani: Auditioned for the role just as other actors do

While Bhagyashree returned with a supporting role in Thalaivi last year, her actor-son Abhimanyu Dasani is making an appearance in one film at a time. Now, following in his footsteps, Bhagyashree’s daughter Avantika Dasani is making her acting debut with Mithya.

still from the series

At a time when the nepotism debate has exposed Star Kids’ easy access to the industry, Avantika insists that she landed on the show after several rounds of auditions. “I was auditioning for the role like other actors do. When I told my mom that I had got the project, she looked at me and asked, ‘Which one?’ [Since] I had auditioned for some other projects, they didn’t know which project I got,” says the actor. She strongly believes that advantages or disadvantages of being a star kid get in the way when one is facing the camera. “I don’t think the stuff [of being a star kid] affects you as a [artiste], On set, you are the actor [regardless of your background], Whether you are a star kid or a newcomer, as long as you stay focused, you get sidelined.”

The ZEE5 series sees Avantika as a student who is accused of plagiarism by her professor essayed by Huma Qureshi. What starts out as academic deception soon turns into a mind game between the two. Even though he is proud to have bagged a venture on his own merit, the actor admitted that his family was initially apprehensive about his joining the industry. “I am a passionate and sensitive person. Any protective family would be concerned, as there are a lot of ups and downs in this work area, and one has to face criticism [on the chin], But when you’re passionate about [your craft]Everything gets left behind. My family saw that I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t doing this. Since then, they have been encouraging. ,




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