Art welcome, but need focus on basics first

Art welcome, but need focus on basics first

The city has seen a real boom in the arts, especially in the two years after the pandemic. In a report in this paper, an artist said, the quality of work on Mumbai’s infrastructure has improved. The artist set up two cutting tea glasses, and the work was displayed at the Worli Traffic Garden.

Art is suddenly becoming more visible in Mumbai and a civic body is behind some of these works. Near the Worli sea face, a lane has been painted with a Koli theme and given an overall facelift.

The shooting range now has whitewash and some art on its walls. Some of the walls in South Mumbai are painted with different themes, an old world theme in Black ‘n’ White in front of the Cooperage Stadium.

It is good to see local representatives and civic bodies involving the community in these projects and formalizing this push in places. We have a thumbs up for aesthetics, definitely needed here, but having said that, we want the executives not to miss out on the basics.

Better footpath for pedestrians. Keeping a close watch on encroachment and taking prompt, effective, remedial action is paramount to de-occupy public places. For road repairs, the agency responsible needs to answer these problems instead of constantly spending money.

The walls that have collapsed need to be repaired and rebuilt. There should be adequate arrangement of dustbins on our roads so that people are not tempted for garbage. Good lighting and an emphasis on cleanliness are part of these responsibilities.

While art is fascinating and can certainly ‘frill’ on megapolis, what is important is achieving our fundamentals and civic amenities. The ‘canvas’ which is Mumbai should be on a clean and strong easel and only then an artist can showcase his work.



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