Any effort to make city greener is welcome

Any effort to make city greener is welcome

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has made it mandatory to plant green spaces using the Miyawaki technique at construction sites with an area of ​​more than 10,000 square metres.

The building proposals department will now include this condition in its notice for rejection (IOD), a letter that the civic body sends to a builder or developer who proposes to undertake construction work.

Miyawaki reforestation is a method of greening that originated in Japan and involves planting trees close together. These densely packed plants eventually turn into a small forest. It is ideal for Mumbai, a city synonymous with space crunch.

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It is always good when initiatives for greenery are taken at both official and civic level. In a city where construction cranes are featured against the sky and tall buildings are seen as indicators of progress, every effort to preserve or enhance greenery is needed and welcome.

The decree comes as a boost to civic activists to work hard to maintain some greenery in the concrete city, and as it has come from the authorities themselves, it should be followed. Sometime back, this paper had highlighted a civic movement to increase the number of banyan trees in the city. These are an endangered species considering that they require a substantial amount of space. Even this initiative needs support as it will redress the ecological imbalance in Mumbai in a small way.

If Miyawaki can improve the green cover, let us implement this step with expert help. When the people at the top—those with the power to greenlight or block projects—activists, environmentalists and ordinary people come together, we will see change and progress.



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