Anupamaa Update: Relationship between Adhik and Paakhi goes from BAD to WORST

Anupamaa Update: Relationship between Adhik and Paakhi goes from BAD to WORST

The day starts with Anupama being extremely worried about the way of more (more).More Mehta) and Pakhi’s relationship is taking shape. On the other hand, Adhik tries to explain everything to Vanraj about Pakhi’s irrational and irritable behaviour, which has now gotten on his nerves. Seeing Adhik ‘raising his voice’ in front of Pakhi, an enraged Vanraj warns Hi to behave properly with his daughter. Vanraj (sudhanshu pandey) leaves his house with a stern warning to Aadhi, who then goes to the bedroom to sleep.

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On the other hand, Pakhi forces him to talk to her, which he refuses. Not one to take no for an answer, Pakhi keeps on insisting that more should talk to her. He, on the other hand, tries his level best to remain calm, despite being over-teased. But, when Pakhi keeps on prodding him to talk, Adhi loses his temper and this leads to a high voltage heated argument between the two. Pakhi being a typical Pakhi angrily starts throwing things around the house. In the midst of all this, Adhik gets hurt on his face and blood comes out. Their neighbors gather outside their house and talk about their constant fighting.

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He panics more seeing the blood and goes to meet Anuj and Anupama and hugs them tightly and cries bitterly. As he is about to narrate the whole incident, Adhik’s sister Barkha comes there and is shocked to see her brother in this condition. Then Vanraj gets angry.




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