Anupamaa Update: Chhoti Anu sneaks away from Maaya before midnight

Anupamaa Update: Chhoti Anu sneaks away from Maaya before midnight

the day begins as maya says Anupama About her past which is full of struggles and tribulations but without compromising on her honor and self respect. She also requests Anuj and Anupama to let her sleep with her daughter that night so that she can be the first person the daughter sees at the dawn of her birthday. Just as everyone was expecting Anupama’s response, much to everyone’s surprise, Anuj said yes! But, he makes it clear that it is only for that night.

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And when Maya puts little Anu to sleep, she says that she will put her to sleep just like her mother Anupama does. and when little anu Lulling her to sleep, Anuj and Anupama watch her from afar, but choose to remain silent. Seeing them in a helpless condition, little Anu runs away and sleeps next to Anuj and Anupama in their room, much to their surprise. And when the clock strikes twelve, Anuj and Anupama wish little Anu a happy birthday. On the other hand, when Maya wakes up at twelve in the night, she is shocked to see that little Anu is not there.

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Then Maya understands that little Anu must have gone to sleep with Anuj and Anupama. Meanwhile, when Baa gets ready to go to little Anu’s birthday party, Babuji asks not to create any drama at the Kapadia residence.

spoiler ALERT: On the eve of little Anu’s birthday, Ankush publicly tells everyone that he has come to know about Maya’s background. He says that since she grew up in inaccessible areas, she is refusing to name little Anu’s father. Hearing this, Maya slaps Ankush in front of everyone.




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