Ananya Panday on infidelity: I`ve seen such instances in life

Ananya Panday on infidelity: I`ve seen such instances in life

Shakun Batra and Ananya Panday are coming together for the first time for a film ‘Gehraiyaan’ which has created a buzz because of a word called intimacy. But this isn’t the first time we’ve got to see unrequited relationships or physical love. It’s all decoded in an exclusive interview with Mid-Day as the director and actress try to figure it all out.

When asked about the film being full of questions on intimacy, Batra says, “Yeah, absolutely. Just because you have an intimacy director, doesn’t mean you’re going to do big or bold things. The idea is that a step in the right direction. We are trying to normalize the conversation around intimacy. I knew it would play an important role in the film and I wanted to make the right move. When people film for themselves Watch, they realize that there is no shock value. It’s just a part of the story. I hope the intimacy director will be part of your crew, as is usually a choreographer or an action director. That’s my hope Will be.”

Ananya’s character is that of a man whose fiancee falls in love for another woman, played by Deepika Padukone. What was his reaction when he read the script? The actress said, “I was amazed at how honest it was and how relevant it was in that sense. I have seen such examples in life, maybe not up close but infidelity is something that exists. We in the film Not glorifying it. The best part about the script was how fearless it was to go into the dark or gritty of love, sometimes we skip Hindi films.”

How did Ananya see infidelity? Attraction to someone else or with great intensity while in a relationship. “You know honestly, to me it could mean something else, to an astrologer it could mean something else, so it totally depends on you, your relationship, and the boundaries you set,” she reflects. Is.

Infidelity is a taboo even today and yet filmmakers fall into that space. Why? Batra says, “Filmmakers, writers, actors are always looking at the world around them. They want to explore the things around them which may be spoken or unsaid. This subject may be less popular. is how we make our movies. But infidelity does exist all over the world, relationships have become complicated since the time of Adam and Eve. Yes, there is a romantic idea of ​​a relationship. We have heard beautiful story back in the day too, You see Devdas, you see Masoom, you see Lamhe, Arth, Silsila, there have been so many great explorations. I am not doing anything new, it has been a while now and making another film with that spirit. will be good.”

Should people who cheat on their partners get a second chance? Batra said, “It is not that our understanding of love or relationship is better than that of the next person. Neither of us stands on that footing. People who are in a relationship, how do they feel about their partner, make your own decisions about this. Even in the movie, it is not a debate about a marriage, what is better, pros and cons, none of it. It tries to tell a story and Our effort is always to try and see it and not put a lens of judgment. This is a very very primitive way of looking at things. I can see that people around have a more developed understanding of things. But we There is no one to say who should be forgiven and who should not be forgiven. People should be able to take their own decisions.”




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