Akansha Sharma: I used to steal kajal from my mom’s purse

Akansha Sharma: I used to steal kajal from my mom’s purse

Akansha Sharma from ‘Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai’ joins Mid-Day.com unveiling the stars’ beauty and makeup favorites with ‘Vanity Secrets’.

Your favorite makeup product?
I only recommend Bobbi Brown as my makeup brand.

The first makeup product you bought as a teen?
During my teenage years, I never used makeup on my face. I always apply coconut oil on my face in winters.

That product you wanted to steal from your mom or sister?
Mom is my best friend and I used to steal kajal from mom’s purse to apply on my eyes.

How did you learn to take care of your skin and put on makeup correctly?
I have learned all the makeup tricks from YouTube videos and the on-screen makeup is almost always done by me.

What items will you always find in your makeup kit?
Lip gloss and beauty blender.

Which lipstick or gloss and eyeshadow shades are your favourites?
All Nude Shades Palette, Various Shades of Lipstick from Bobbi Brown and Light Color Eye Shadow Palette.

Makeup or skincare goofs from the past?

Which makeup trend do you want to try?
No, I never used on my skin.

That makeup product you’d never be caught wearing?
Some local products.

The makeup trick that always works for you?
I always use face serum and then primer and moisturizer before makeup.

The skincare trick that always works for you?
Always apply face primer while going for shooting and before sleeping.






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