Aiming to keep it clean

Aiming to keep it clean

comedian Amit Tandon Spent more than a decade in business and have always kept it clean. His observational humor for family audiences is his specialty, something he learned and respected a year in his career. “I did not do it [always] When I started a decade back, I used to do clean comedy,” recalls Tandon. He says that his set will not do well if a 65-year-old man is seen in the audience listening to his edgy jokes. “I will [become] Conscious. This happened for a year, and I decided to write jokes that I could perform for everyone. Luckily, that became my brand. ,

Taking his brand of comedy to television, Tandon is all set to create a new show called Good Night for Sony SAB. “There is a huge market in our country that wants clean comedy. Something they can enjoy with their family without worrying about the weird vibe in their living room. Good night is a total entertainment [show] for families. We aim to bring back the era of comedy, before Thappad became a thing and the only source of laughs on TV was natural and clean humour,” explains the comedian, who is sure the content will work as they “gained acceptance on YouTube.” key and live shows”.

love the show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, aims to bring people from diverse backgrounds and places to share their stories. “It’s a classic [format] Which is never out of style. A group of people – from ex-Navy professionals to young college goers – each telling unique stories that are raw and uneducated, [constructed from their] Personal experience. the show had to be relevant and [relatable] For all,” adds the showrunner who will also moonlight as the host.



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