After `Splitsvilla X4`, social media star Sakshi Dwivedi eyes `Bigg Boss`

After `Splitsvilla X4`, social media star Sakshi Dwivedi eyes `Bigg Boss`

Sakshi Dwivedi, who has a huge following on social media, says she was initially hesitant to join the dating reality show ‘Splitsvilla X4’, but is now glad she did – and that’s what she really wanted to do. Yes, it appears onBigg Boss, “The `SplitsvillaThe team was contacting me for a very long time, Sakshi said. However, I was not looking forward to it as I was not sure what would happen there. I guess I’m not really good at fighting. I never thought of appearing in ‘Splitsvilla’ or any kind of reality show because of this. I didn’t want to be stereotyped as someone who just does reality shows. I just want to be an actor. Times have changed, though, and I’m happy to take such risks.”

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Talking about shooting in Goa, Sakshi said, “Shooting in Goa was nice, but it was tiring. The 30 days spent there were not easy. I was used to getting my makeup done by a makeup artist and my hair by a hairstylist. Am.” I have a team to do this. There was no one to do all this. I was doing all this on my own. It was just like living in a hostel. It was difficult but I love taking risks and experimenting with everything. ,

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Going forward, Sakshi is looking forward to be a part of more reality shows. “I have started watching all the reality shows now and as I have already done, of course I would love to do ‘Bigg Boss’. Everyone watches ‘Bigg Boss’. I watch my grandmother cooking and Bigg Boss’. The viewership of the show is huge and I would definitely love to be a part of it.”



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