2022 Round up: A to Z

2022 Round up: A to Z

And so, dear reader, here we are at the end of 2022, actually the first day of 2023, the debate continues whether it’s a starvation or a happy new year. Is the world going through a period of transition, is a dystopian future awaiting us, is Blade Runner 2049 coming to life? Optimistic with a vociferous “No!” Will scream, realists will look at global warming, geopolitics, the world economy, food shortages and say, “yes”. My humble opinion is that we are morally in tatters…

Here is the A to Z of the year.

Alia returns to Tata Sons of Air India playing the character of Gangubai. Alia is playing the role of madam. Aaliya gets married, Aaliya becomes Mrs. Aaliya becomes Mama. Alcaraz enters, Alcaraz hits a slam. Amber Heard wants to be heard. Amber is listened to and is defeated by Depp.

Argentina wins the World Cup, Abe murdered. Australian Open without Noelle, Avatar 2 breaks box office records. Biden bids his time, Big B turns 80, BCCI sacks Dada, BCCI drops Binny, Bollywood boycotts, Brahmastra release, India couple tour making headlines, Black Adam, a mess in British politics. boris exits, liz vs rishi, liz enters, liz exits, rishi enters, rishi stays, sunak sunak, sunak-we indians chant, bollywood badshah has problems, bhakts burn posters, censor Board moves, Censor Board finds solution Censor board wants to please everyone, “Shah Rukh turns saffron into uhm… any color other than saffron,” they advise, Censor Board a Censor Board is, clearly a goofy board, china virus, leopards are imported, young Indian is grandmaster in chess, circus flop.

Covid relief, Covid comeback, Cricket India in crisis, Dravid under fire, Drishyam 2 debut, FIFA fun fun, Football fever, Federer says goodbye, Federer cries, Nadal cries, Novak cries, Novak no wax, G20 excites us as T20 discourages us, Hijab issues as protest against Iran, Hijab issues in Karnataka, Kashmir files, Monkeypox. Mahsa Amini’s death, Murmu as Prezi, Mbappe, the new goat?

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pinch of musk, bid musk, buy musk, sack of musk, musk retreats, musk and trump, trump and musk, macron wins, India’s nightingale passes, nirbhaya completes 10 years, nirbhaya funds diverted Goes, NDTV sold out, Pathan, Pushpak Khile, Pele passes the baton. Pele dead, Putin in power, Queen Elizabeth dead. qatar world cup, ravish resigns, rahul gandhi country tour, republic tv says country wants to know, rupee fall, ranveer’s strip, besharam dips, rocket boys, russia invades ukraine, rishabh injured , South cinema explodes, Hindi cinema explodes, Stranger Things Popularity, Syrup Deaths, Top Gun Maverick, Tom Cruise is a Maverick, Will Slap Rock, Will He Pay the Price?

Wrestlers shine in CWG, lifters shine in CWG, Varney passes away, Wordle addiction (then Heardle, Squirdle, Quordle), cruelty to women, abuse of women, molestation of women, when will things change?

Zelensky tells Russia to stuff it, Zelensky stands firm, Zelensky fights back, Zelensky the new resistance, Zelensky the rock star, Zelensky the man of the year…. zzz I’m going to bed.

Rahul Dacunha is an Adman, Theater Director/Playwright, Photographer and Traveller. Contact him at rahul.dacunha@mid-day.com



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